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kissing monsters

20-something/australian in london
Apr 25 '14

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Apr 25 '14




seriously, how can you not love him.

I love this man so much.

If you don’t love Dave Grohl, you’re most likely lying.

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Apr 24 '14

apparently, you can name a bird if you adopt it. [x]


apparently, you can name a bird if you adopt it. [x]

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Apr 24 '14

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Apr 24 '14




He did it. He actually managed to describe how it feels to live with depression and suicidal tendencies.

this is really, really important

Please god stop making suicidal ideation into this character trait that makes you “boring” when in treatment. I hate this gifset and this man so much. He glamorizes mental illness as an edgy character flaw and holy shit no guys you won’t be boring. Please please stop. One day imma find this man on the poetry circuit and punch him in the gut.

fuck this guy and his shitty poetry

suicidal ideation isn’t fun for anyone

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Apr 24 '14

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Apr 24 '14
Brody Dalle - Meet the Foetus / Oh The Joy

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Apr 24 '14
Courtney Love - You Know My Name (-)


Courtney’s new song! Good quality.


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Apr 24 '14
Brody Dalle - I Don't Need Your Love (Diploid Love)


Brody Dalle - I Don’t Need Your Love

Holy mother of fuck this song is amazing. The album has been on repeat since I got it and I’m so bloody impressed with it. I can’t wait until the release so I can get my physical copy of it in every format possible. Brody has really outdone herself with this. Absolutely amazing.

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Apr 24 '14


Me before social events

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